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Article Commentaries

A blueprint for Representation Information in the OAIS model
David Holdsworth, Derek Sergeant, 2000

A longitudinal study of Web pages continued: a consideration of document persistence
Wallace Koehler, Jan 2004

A Metadata Approach to Preservation of Digital Resources: The University of North Texas Libraries’ Experience
Daniel Gelaw Alemneh, Cathy Nelson Hartman, Samantha Kelly Hastings, Aug 2002

A Metadata Framework Developed at the Tsinghua University Library to Aid in the Preservation of Digital Resources
Jinfang Niu, Nov 2002

A Project on Preservation of Digital Data
Raymond A. Lorie, 2001

A Report on the CEDARS Final Workshop
Michael Day, Maggie Jones, April 2002

Accountability in an Information Age: Opportunities and Risks for Records Management
Albert Meijer, 2001

An Overview of a Large-Scale Data Migration
Dirk Geppert, Magnus Lübeck, Krysztof Nienartowicz, Marcin Nowak, Andrea Valassi, 08-04-03

Anatomy of a Digitisation Project
Eileen Mathias, 2004

Archivage des applications informatiques du ministère de la justice dans les domaines pénal et civil
Françoise Banat-Berger, 2000

Archival Preservation of Smithsonian Web Resources: Strategies, Principles and Best Practices
Charles Dollar, 20/07/01

Archiving websites
Filip Boudrez, Sofie Van den Eynde, July 2002

Avoiding Technological Quicksand: Finding a Viable Technical Foundation for Digital Preservation. A Report to the Council on Library and Information Resources
Jeff Rothenberg, 1999

Best Practices for Digital Archiving. An Information Life Cycle Approach
Gail M. Hodge, Jan. 2000

Big science data policies
Colin Reddy, Paul Wouters, March 2003

Blog Today, Gone Tomorrow? Preservation of Weblogs
Richard Entlich, 2004

Buckets: A New Digital Library Technology for Preserving NASA Research
Michael L. Nelson, 2001

Building a Business Plan for DSpace, MIT Libraries' Digital Institutional Repository
Mary R. Barton and Julia Harford Walker, 2003

Building a Cost-Effective Remote data Storage Capabilities for NASA’s EOSDIS
Bruce Clark, Steve Marley, Mike Moore,

Building NARA’s “Archives of the Future”
NARA (National Archives and Records Administration), 2001

Building semantic bridges between museums, archives and libraries: The CIDOC Conceptual
Tony Gill, 2004

Building the Archives of the Future – Advance in Preserving Electronic Records at the National Archives and Records Administration
Kenneth Thibodeau, Feb 2001

Coming to TERM. Designing the Texas Email Repository Model
Patricia Galloway, Marlan Green, Stan Gunn, Sue Soy, Sept 2002

Cost Elements of Digital Preservation
Kelly Russell, Ellis Weinberger, May 2000

Counting the Costs of Digital Preservation: Is Repository Storage Affordable?
Stephen Chapman, 2003

Der ISD auf dem Weg zur multimedialen Institution
Charles-Claude Biedermann, 1998

Describing records in context in the continuum: the Australian recorkeeping metadata schema
Glenda Acland, Sue McKemmish, Barbara Reed, Nigel Ward, 1999

Developing a Strategy for Managing Electronic Records - The Findings of the Indiana University Electronic Records Project
Philip Bantin, 1998

Die Auswirkungen der Informationstechnologie auf die Überlieferungsbildung in Archiven und die Geschichtsschreibung des 20. Jh.
Michael Wettengel, 2001

Die Migration der VD-17-Datenbank vom System OMNIS-Myriad zu PICA / The migration of the VD-17-database from OMNIS-Myriad to PICA
Werner Holbach, 2003

Die Open Archives Initiative (OAI). Neue Zugangsform zu wissenschaftlichen Arbeiten
Diann Rusch-Feja, 2001

Digital Archive Costs: Facts and Fallacies.
Kevin Ashley, 2000

Digital Archive Network for Anthropology
Jeffrey T. Clark, May 2002

Digital Archiving - Developing Policy and Best Practice Guidelines at the National Library of Australia
Pam Gatenby, Jan 2000

Digital Electronic Archiving: the State of the Art and the State of the Practice
Bonnie C. Carroll, Gail M. Hodge, 26-04-99

Digital Longevity
Howard Besser, 2000

Digital Object Identifiers for Publishers and the e-Learning Community
(JISC), 2003

Digital Preservation & Emulation: from theory to practice
Stewart Granger, Sept 2001

Digital Preservation Activities in the United Kingdom – building the infrastructure
Maggie Jones, 2003

Digital Preservation and Deep Infrastructure
Stewart Granger, Feb. 2002

Digital Preservation: Best Practices for Museums
Tim Au Yeung, 2004

Digital Preservation: Problems and Prospects
Margaret Hedstrom, March 2001

Digital Preservation: Where we are. Where we're going. Where we need to be.
CIMI, 2002

Digitale Unterlagen. Entstehunge - Pflege - Archivierung. Empfehlungen für die Behörden des Freistaates Bayern
Staatliche Archive Bayerns, 2000

Digitalisierung der Bestände in der Schweizerischen Landesbibliothek
Jean-Marc Rod, 2000

Digitizing, Archiving, and Preserving Japanese Cultural Heritage
Hisayoshi Harada, 15/4/2003

Domesday Redux: The rescue of the BBC Domesday Project videodiscs
J. Darlington, A. Finney and A. Pearce, 2003

Dossier: le Web à la recherche de sa mémoire
Mehdi Gharsallah, Charlotte Perrin, Olivier Roumieux, June 2001

Dublin Core Metadata Initiative Progress Report and Workplan for 2002
Makx Dekkers, Stuart L. Weibel, Feb. 2002

E-print Services and Long-term Access to the Record of Scholarly and Scientific Research
Michael Day, 2001

eBank UK: Building the links between research data, scholarly communication and learning
Liz Lyon, 2003

Ebook preservation
Howard Falk, 2002

Electronic recordkeeping : Defining electronic records, documents and data
David Roberts, May 1994

Electronic records and archival description
Catherine Bailey, 1992

Electronic Records Retention: Fourteen Basic Principles
David O. Stephens, Roderick C. Wallace, 2000

Emulation as a Digital Preservation Strategy
Stewart Granger, 2000

Emulation vs. Migration: Do Users Care?
Margaret Hedstrom, Clifford Lampe, Dec. 2001

Emulation, Preservation, and Abstraction
David Holdsworth, Paul Wheatley, 2001

Enabling Future Research. Electronic Record Preservation Options
Nancy McGovern, 2001

Enabling the Archival Storage of Signed Documents
Mary Baker, Petros Maniatis, Jan 2002

Enduring Paradigm, New Opportunities: The Value of the Archival Perspective in the Digital Environment

Ensuring Essential Evidence
Adrian Cunningham, Nov 1996

EULER - A Real Virtual Library for Mathematics
Hans Becker, Michael Jost, February 2

Evaluating Metadata on a Metalevel
Wendy Duff, 2001

Extending the Warwick Framework – From Metadata Containers to Active Digital Objects
Ron Daniel Jr., Carl Lagoze, Nov 1997

Filling Institutional Repositories: Practical strategies from the DAEDALUS Project
Morag Mackie, 2004

Future development of electronic journals: a Delphi survey
Alice Keller, 2001

Grundlagen eines Modells zur Archivierung elektronischer Unterlagen
Karl-Ernst Lupprian, Rodrigo Ready Nasser, 19/02/2003

Handreichung der Bundeskonferenz der Kommunalarchive beim Deutschen Städtetag zur Archivierung und Nutzung digitaler Unterlagen in Kommunalarchiven
Robert Zink, 2002

I metodi per la conservazione: il ruolo dei metadati e XML
Maria Guercio, 2001

Identifiers and Identification Systems
Giuseppe Vitiello, 2004

If You Build it, Will They Come? Participant Involvement in Digital Libraries
Sarah Giersch, Eugene A. Klotz, Flora McMartin et al., 2004

Implementing an Open Jurisdiction Digital Repository – the STORS Project
Lloyd Sokvitne, 2004

Improving the Quality of Metadata in EPrints Archives
Michael Day, Marieke Guy and Andy Powell, 2004

Instability and Vulnerability of CD-R Carriers To Sunlight (Results of a Simple Experiment in Everyday Work Environment)
Drago Kunej, 2001

Institutional Repositories in the context of Digital Preservation
Paul Wheatley, 2004

Institutional Repositories: Essential Infrastructure for Scholarship in the Digital Age
Clifford Lynch, 2003

Integrating ontologies and thesauri for RDF schema creation and metadata querying
Bernd Amann, Irini Fundulaki, Michel Scholl, 2000

Intellectual Property Rights Lessons from the CEDARS Project for Digital Preservation
Catherine Seville, Ellis Weinberger, June 2000

Interoperability. What is it and Why should I want it?
Paul Miller, 2000

Keepers of the Crumbling Culture: What Digital Preservation Can Learn from Library History
Deanna Marcum and Amy Friedlander, 2003

L'archivistique, les archives et les archivistes face aux défis du troisième millénaire
José Bernal Rivas Fernández, 2001

L'informatique en architecture: utilisation et problèmes de conservation
Aline Thomine, 2000

La conservazione a lungo termine di documenti elettronici: la partecipazione italiana al progetto InterPARES
Maria Guercio, 2001

La pérennité des documents électroniques - points de vue alarmistes ou réalistes?
Claude Huc, 2001

Langzeitarchivierung digitaler Dokumente
Susanne Dobratz, Hans Liegmann, Inka Tappenbeck, 2001

LaTeX as an Archiving Format: Benefits and Problems. Experiences from the MathDiss International Project and the EMANI project
Thomas Fischer, 2003

Le juge et la preuve électronique
Eric A. Caprioli, 2002

Les archives électroniques: la question de l’intégrité
Taïk Bourhis, 2000-2001

Les tiers de confiance sont-ils les archivistes de l'avenir?
Thibaut Girard, 2004

Levels of Service for Digital Repositories
William LeFurgy, 2002

Like Russian Dolls: Nesting Standards for Digital Preservation
Günther Waibel, 15/06/2003

LOCKSS: A Permanent Web Publishing and Access System
Vicky Reich, David S.H. Rosenthal, June 2001

L’archive numérique: entre authenticité et interprétabilité
Bruno Bachimont, 2000

L’identification de critères d’évaluation pour les archives informatiques. Enquête auprès d’archivistes québécois
Daniel Ducharme, 2000-2001

Media Stability and Life Expectancies of Magnetic Tape for Use with IBM 3590 and Digital Linear Tape Systems
J.S. Judge, R. G. Schmidt, R. D. Weiss, 08-04-03

Metadata and Digital Preservation: a plea for cross-interest collaboration
Stewart Granger, none

Metadata as a Catalyst: Experiments with Metadata and Search Engines in the Internet Journal, First Monday
Robin Henshaw, Edward J. Valauskas, 2000

Metadata for Archival Collections: The University of Toronto's 'Barren Lands' Project
Marlene Van Ballegooie, Aug. 2001

Metadata Principles and Practicalities
Erik Duval, Wayne Hodgins, Stuart Sutton, Stuart L. Weibel, April 2002

Metadata Registries: Aktueller Stand und zukünftige Entwicklungen
Thomas Fischer, 2003

Metadata: concetto archivistico o territorio informatico
Peter Horsman, 2001

Metadati, informazione di qualità e conservazione delle risorse digitali
Gloria Cirocchi, Simona Gatta, Lucia Panciera, Enrico Seta, Sept. 2000

Migration – a CAMiLEON discussion paper
Paul Wheatley, Sept. 2001

Nature: a prototype digital archive
Ross MacIntyre, Simon Tanner, 2000

Object Persistence and Availability in Digital Libraries
B. Danette Allen, Michael L. Nelson, Jan 2002

PADI (Preserving Access to Digital Information) and Safekeeping
Marian Hanley, Feb 2004

Papyrusdigitalisierung in Giessen
Henning Dreyling, Lothar Kalok, 2001

Persistent Identification: A Key Component of an e-Government Infrastructure
CENDI, 2004

Plan for the National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program: A Collaborative Initiative of the Library of Congress
National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program (NDIIPP), Oct 2002

Popularizing the Finding Aid: Exploiting EAD to Enhance Online Discovery and Retrieval in Archival Information Systems by Diverse User Groups
Anne J. Gilliland-Swetland, 2001

Preservation Metadata and the OAIS Information Model: A Metadata Framework to Support the Preservation of Digital Objects
OCLC/RLG, June 2002

Préservation numérique: Pratique exemplaire à l'intention des musées
Tim Au Yeung, 2004

Preservation of Digitally Recorded Sound
Samuel Brylawski, April 2002

Preservation Risk Management for Web Resources, Virtual Remote Control in Cornell’s Project Prism
Peter Botticelli, Richard Entlich, Anne R. Kenney, Carl Lagoze, Nancy McGovern, Sandra Payette, Jan 2002

Preservation Strategies for Electronic Records: Where Are We Now-Obliquity and Squint?
Michèle Cloonan, Shelby Sanett, 2002

Preserving Information Forever And A Call for Emulators
Steve Gilheany, March 1998

Principles and Practices for the Transfer of Analog Audio Documents into the Digital Domain
Dietrich Schüller, 2001

Prospects for institutional e-print repositories in the United Kingdom
Michael Day, 2003

Providing grounds for trust: developing conceptual requirements for the long-term preservation of autentic electronic records
Heather MacNeil, 2000

Public Opinion Polls and Digital Preservation - An Application of the Fedora Digital Object Repository System
Ronald Jantz, Nov 2003

Re-inventing the Wheel? Standards, Interoperability and Digital Cultural Content
Tony Gill, Paul Miller, 2002

Recordkeeping Metadata. Presenting the Results of a Working Meeting
Margaret Hedstrom, 2001

Reformatting: preservation of new media and data migration
Claes Gränström, 1998

Removing the Barriers to Research: An Introduction to Open Access for Librarians
Peter Suber, Jan 2003

Rethinking Scholarly Communication: Building the System that Scholars Deserve
Herbert Van de Sompel, Sandy Payette, John Erickson, Carl Lagoze and Simeon Warner, 2004

Review: Some Comments on Preservation Metadata and the OAIS Model
Hans Hofman, Oct 2002

Risk Management for Web Resources: A Case Study on Southeast Asian Web Sites
Peter Botticelli, 2003

Scalable Models of Data Sharing in Earth Sciences
John Helly, Anthony A.P. Koppers, Hubert Staudigel, Nov. 2002

Scarcity or Abundance? Preserving the Past in a Digital Era
Roy Rosenzweig, June 2003

Scientific Data and Social Science Data Libraries
David Barber, Jan Zauha, 1995

Securing Digital Image Assets in Museums and Libraries: A Risk Management Approach
Teresa Grose Beamsley, 1999

Selection Criteria for Traditional and Electronic Resources; Draft 4.1
Selection Criteria Task Force,

Six Degrees of Separation: Australian Metadata Initiatives and Their Relationships with International Standards.
Adrian Cunningham, 2001

Software Archaeology
Andy Hunt, Dave Thomas, 2002

Some considerations about data storage media durability
Jean Ledieu, 2001

Taking Custody, Giving Access: A Postcustodial Role for a New Century
Jeannette A. Bastian, 2002

Technical Watch Report of DIO (Data Interoperability) and DSM (Data Storage and Management)
Michael Lautenschlager, Simon Musgrave, 1999

Text Encoding for Interchange: a new Consortium
Lou Burnard, 2000

The ABC Ontology and Model
Jane Hunter, Carl Lagoze, Nov 2001

The archivist in the electronic age
Anita Hollier, March 2001

The Cedars Project: Implementing a Model for Distributed Digital Archives
Kelly Russell, Derek Sergeant, June 1999

The Cost to Preserve Authentic Electronic Records in Perpetuity: Comparing Costs across Cost Models and Cost Frameworks
Shelby Sanett, 2003

The Costs of Digital Imaging Projects
Steven Puglia, 15/10/1999

The Digital Preservation Conundrum, Part 2: Preservation and Electronic Archiving
Eileen Gifford Fenton, 2004

The Digital Preservation Conundrum, Part I
Abby Smith, 2004

The Digital Preservation of e-Prints
Hamish James, Stephen Pinfield, Sept 2003

The eDoc-Server Project: Building an Institutional Repository for the Max Planck Society
Gerhard Beier and Theresa Velden, 2004

The evolution of an institutional e-prints archive at the University of Glasgow
William Nixon, 2002

The Making and the Keeping of Records: (2) The Tyranny of Listing
Chris Hurley, May 2000

The Mellon Fedora Project. Digital Library Architecture Meets XML and Web Services
Sandra Payette, Thornton Staples, 2002

The Paradox of Digital Preservation
Su-Shing Chen, March 2001

The past that archives keep: memory, history, and the preservation of archival records
Brien Brothman, 2001

The Preservation of Databases
Kevin Ashley, 2004

The promise and threat of digital options in an archival age
Lilly Koltun, 1999

The Right to Preserve: The Rights Issues of Digital Preservation
Catherine Ayre and Adrienne Muir, 2004

The Santa Fe Convention of the Open Archives Initiative
Carl Lagoze, Herbert Van de Sompel, 2000

The State of the Art and Practice in Digital Preservation
Kyong-Ho Lee, 2002

The Straw that Broke the Museum's Back? Collecting and Preserving Digital Media Art Works for the Next Century
Richard Rinehart, 2000

Thirteen ways of looking at…Digital Preservation
Brian Lavoie and Lorcan Dempsey, 2004

Toward Developing a Framework of Cost Elements for Preserving Authentic Electronic Records into Perpetuity
Shelby Sanett, Sept 2002

Towards a Core Ontology for Information Integration
Martin Doerr, Jane Hunter, Carl Lagoze, Oct 2002

Towards Collection Management Guidance
Ellis Weinberger, June 2000

Towards Continuous Web Archiving. First Results and an Agenda for the Future
Julien Masanes, Dec 2002

Transforming paper documents into XML format with WISDOM++
Oronzo Altamura, Floriana Esposito, Donato Malerba, 2001

Trusted Digital Repositories: Attributes and Responsibilities
on Digital Archive Attributes RLG/OCLC Working Group, May 2002

UK Learning Object Metadata Core Draft 0.2
Barker, Campbell et al., May 2004

Understanding Electronic Incunabula: A Framework for Research on Electronic Records
Margaret Hedstrom, 1991

Verwaltung, Erschliessung und Archivierung multimedialer Dokumente in UrMEL
Gabor Kuhles, Sabine Wefers, 2001

Virtual Remote Control - Building a Preservation Risk Management Toolbox for Web Resources
Ellie Buckley, Richard Entlich, William R. Kehoe, Anne R. Kenney, Nancy McGovern, April 2004

Warrant and the Definition of Electronic Records: Questions arising from the Pittsburgh Project
Richard J. Cox, Wendy Duff, 2001

When is the future? Comparative notes on the electronic record-keeping projects of the University of Pittsburgh and the University of British Columbia
Paul Marsden, 1997

Zur Langzeitpräservierung von digitalen Inhalten
Sebastian Goeser, 2002

Zur Rekonstruktion digitaler Datenbestände aus der DDR nach der Wiedervereinigung. Die Erfahrungen im Bundesarchiv
Michael Wettengel, 1997

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