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Monograph Commentaries

A Framework of Data Types and Formats, and Issues Affecting the Long Term Preservation of Digital Material
John C. Bennett, 1997

A Strategic Policy Framework for Creating and Preserving Digital Collections
Neil Beagrie, Daniel Greenstein, Version 5.0, 14/7/98

A Survey of Digital Cultural Heritage Initiatives and Their Sustainability Concerns
Diane M. Zorich, June 2003

A Web-Based - Multimedia - Collaboratory; Empirical Work Studies in Film Archives
A.M. Pejtersen, June 2001

An Approach to the Preservation of Digital Records
Simon Davis, Helen Heslop, Andrew Wilson, December 2002

An Investigation into the Digital Preservation Needs of Universities and Research Funders: the Future of Unpublished Research Materials. British Library RIC Report no. 109
Simon Jones, Denise Lievesley, 1998

Analysis and Development of Model Quality Guidelines for Electronic Records Management on State and Federal Websites
Charles McClure, J. Timothy Sprehe, January 1998

Anwendungsorientiertes DB-Archivieren. Neue Konzepte zur Archivierung in Datenbanksystemen.
Axel Herbst, 1997

Archive Management: The Missing Component
John J. Bates, David M. Clark, Howard Diamond, Robert L. Mairs, April 2003

Archiving Aerial Photography and Remote Sensing Data: A Guide to Good Practice. AHDS Guides to Good Practice
Robert Bewley, 1998

Archiving E-Journals Consultancy - Final Report
Maggie Jones, October 2003

Archiving e-mail
Filip Boudrez, Sofie Van den Eynde, August 2002, Version 1.0

Archiving Web Resources: A Policy for Keeping Records of Web-based Activity in the Commonwealth Government
Commonwealth of Australia, January 2001

Archivistica informatica. I documenti in ambiente digitale
Maria Guercio, 2002

Assessing The Costs of Conversion
(Making of America 4), July 2001

Authentic Electronic Records: Strategies for Long-Term Access
Charles Dollar, 2000

Authenticity in a Digital Environment
Charles T. Cullen, Peter B. Hirtle, David M. Levy, Jeff Rothenberg, Abby Smith, May 2000

Authenticity in a Digital Environment
Raymond J. van Diessen, Titia van der Werf - Davelaar, Dec 2002

Authenticity of Electronic Records. A Report prepared for UNESCO and the International Council on Archives (ICA Study 13/2)
Laura Millar, Jan 2004

Automatic Document Metadata Extraction Using Support Vector Machines
Hui Han et al, 2003

Availability & Preservation. Longterm Availability & Preservation of Digital Information. AIIM Industry White Paper on Records, Document and Enterprise Content Management for the Public Sector
Robert M. Young, May 2002

Balanced Scorecard Initiative 49 - Collecting Australian Online Publications
Margaret Phillips, 6 May 2003

Best Practices for Preparing Ecological and Ground-Based Data Sets to Share and Archive
Robert B. Cook, Leslie A. Hook, Paul Kanciruk, Richard J. Olson, October 2000

Building Quality Assurance into Metadata Creation: an Analysis based on the Learning Objects and e-Prints Communities of Practice
Mary R. Barton, Sarah Currier, Jessie Hey, September 2003

Capture, Indexing & Auto-Categorization. Intelligent methods for the acquisition and retrieval of information stored in digital archives. AIIM Industry White Paper on Records, Document and Enterprise Content Management for the Public Sector. Number 1.
none, 2002

Care and Handling for the Preservation of CDs and DVDs – A Guide for Librarians and Archivists
Fred R. Byers, May 2003

Cedars Guide to Digital Collection Management
Project Cedars, March 2002

Cedars Guide to Digital Preservation Strategies
Project Cedars, March 2002

Cedars Guide to Intellectual Property Rights
Project Cedars, March 2002

Cedars Guide to Preservation Metadata
Project Cedars, March 2002

Cedars Guide to The Distributed Digital Archiving Prototype
Project Cedars, March 2002

Collecting and preserving the World Wide Web – A feasibility study undertaken for the JISC and Wellcome Trust
Michael Day, 25 February 2003 (Version 1.0)

Comparison of Methods & Costs of Digital Preservation. British Library Research and Innovation Report 106
Tony Hendley, 1998

Conversion & Document Formats. Backfile conversion and format issues for information stored in digital archives. AIIM Industry White Paper on Records, Document and Enterprise Content Management for the Public Sector. Number 2.
none, 2002

Cost Estimation Tool Set for NASA’s Strategic Evolution of ESE Data Systems
Arthur Booth, Kathleen Fontaine, Vanessa Griffin, Gregory Hunolt, David Torrealba, November 2002

Cost-Driven Design for Archival Repositories
Arturo Crespo, Hector Garcia-Molina, June 24-28, 2001

Creating Trading Networks of Digital Archives
Brian F. Cooper, Hector Garcia-Molina, June 24-28, 2001

Design Criteria Standard for Electronic Records Management Software Applications/DoD 5015.2-STD
Assistant Secretary of Defense for Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence, United States Department of Defense, June 2002

Digital Archaeology: Rescuing Neglected and Damaged Data Resources. A JISC/NPO Study within the Electronic Libraries (eLib) Programme on the Preservation of Electronic Materials.
Ann Gow, Seamus Ross, 02.1999

Digital Archives from Excavation and Fieldwork: Guide to Good Practice, Second Edition. AHDS Guides to Good Practice
Julian Richards, Damian Robinson, 1998

Digital Archives Research Project - A report and recommendations
Najla Semple, January 2003

Digital Futures. Strategies for the Information Age
Marilyn Deegan, Simon Tanner, 2002

Digital Preservation and Permanent Access to Scientific Information: The State of the Practice. A Report Sponsored by The International Council for Scientific and Technical Information (ICSTI) and US Federal Information Managers Group (CENDI)
Evelyn Frangakis, Gail M. Hodge, Feb 2004

Digital preservation: The findings of the e-Archive project
Ronald Dekker, Eugene Dürr, Kees van der Meer, September 2003

Digitale Archivierung von fotografischen Sammlungen - Ein Grundlagenbericht
Franziska Frey, Rudolf Gschwind, Lukas Rosenthaler, April 2002

Digitale Signaturen, Probleme und Lösungen bei der Archivierung / Digital Signatures, archiving problems and solutions
Alexander Egger, December 2003

DINI certificate for institutional repositories
DINI Workgroup on Electronic Publishing, October 2003

DIRKS: A Strategic Approach to Managing Business Information (The DIRKS Manual)
National Archives of Australia, 2001

Economic Benefits of Digital Object Identifier Applications in Content Marketing
Steve Sieck, 16/12/2003

Efficient Metadata Management in Large Distributed Storage Systems
Scott A. Brandt, Darrell D.E. Long, Ethan L. Miller, Lan Xue, April 7-10, 2003

Electronic Records - Clinton Administration’s Management of Executive Office of the President’s E-Mail System
Task Force GAO, April 2001

Electronic Records Management Survey – A Call to Action. White Paper. Prepared by Cohasset Associates Inc. Co-sponsored by ARMA International and AIIM.
Robert F. Williams, 2004

Electronic records management: a literature review
Alf Erlandsson, 1996

ESDIS Data Center Best Practices And Benchmark Report
A Booth, G Hunolt, 28/09/2001

Final Report for The Pilot Project „“ - Experiences and Conclusions from a Pilot Study: Web Archiving of the District and County Elections 2001
Niels Brügger, Søren Vejrup Carlsen, Birte Christensen-Dalsgaard, Eva Fønss-Jørgensen, Birgit Henriksen, Harald von Hielmerone, February 2003

Finding the Forest in the Trees: The Challenge of Combining Diverse Environmental Data. Selected Case Studies.
Committee for a Pilot Study on Database Interfaces, 1995

From digital volatility to digital permanence. Preserving email
(Digital Preservation Testbed), April 2003

Gathering Metadata from Web-based Repositories of Historical Publications
María José Aramburu Cabo, Rafael Berlanga Llavori, Ismael Sanz Blasco, 1998

Gesamtschweizerische Strategie zur dauerhaften Archivierung von Unterlagen aus elektronischen Systemen (Strategiestudie)
Thomas Schärli, 2002

Guide to Managing Electronic Mail in the Government of Alberta
Information Management, Access and Privacy, Alberta Government Services, Sept 2003

Guide to Social Science Data Preparation and Archiving, 3rd Edition

Guideline for Managing E-Mail
ARMA (American Record Managers Association), 2000

Guidelines for the Preservation of Digital Heritage
UNESCO, March 2003

Handling File Formats
Lars Clausen, May 2004

Information Management – Challenges in Managing and Preserving Electronic Records
Task Force GAO, June 2002

Integrating metadata schema registries with digital preservation systems to support interoperability: a proposal
Michael Day, 2003

Introduction to Metadata. Pathways to Digital Information
Murtha Baca (editor), Willy Cromwell-Kessler, Tony Gill, 1998

Knowledge-Based Metadata Extraction from PostScript Files
Giovanni Giuffrida, Eddie C. Shek, Jihoon Yang, 2000

Knowledge-Based Persistent Archives
Reagan W. Moore, Jan 2001

Legal issues relating to the archiving of Internet resources in the UK, EU, USA and Australia - A study undertaken for the JISC and Wellcome Trust
Andrew Charlesworth, February 2003

Legal Obstacles to E-Mail Message Destruction
John C. Montaña, 2003

Legislation, Rules and Policies for the Preservation of Digital Resources: A Survey
Maria Guercio, Lucia Lograno, October 2003

Les archives électroniques. Manuel pratique
Catherine Dhérent, February 2002

Metadata Demystified: A Guide for Publishers
Amy Brand, Frank Daly, Barbara Meyers, July 2003

Migration on Request, a Practical Technique for Preservation
Phil Mellor, Derek Sergeant, Paul Wheatley, September 2002

Model Requirements for the Management of Electronic Records-MoReq Specification

National Digital Preservation Initiatives: An Overview of Developments in Australia, France, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom and of Related International Activity
Neil Beagrie, April 2003

New-Model Scholarship: How Will It Survive?
Abby Smith, March 2003

Overview of Technological Approaches to Digital Preservation and Challenges in Coming Years; CLIR Reports, Conference Proceedings of The State of Digital Preservation: An International Perspective, Washington D.C.
Kenneth Thibodeau, July 2002

Persistent Archive Basic Components
Andre Merzky, Reagan W. Moore, July 27, 2002

Persistent Identification Systems
Diana Dack, May 2001

Persistent Locators for Federal Government Publications. Summary of a study conducted for the Depository Services Program and the National Library of Canada
Meredith Dickison, 19 Nov 2002

Preservation Environments
Reagan W. Moore, April 2004

Preservation Management of Digital Materials. A Handbook
Neil Beagrie, 05.2002

Preservation Metadata for Digital Objects: A Review of the State of the Art
Working Group on Preservation Metadata OCLC/RLG, January 31, 2001

Preservation Requirements in a Deposit System
Raymond J. van Diessen, December 2002

Preserving and Sharing Statistical Material. Working Group on the Preservation and Sharing of Statistical Material: Information for Data Producers
The Royal Statistical Society & the UK Data Archive, 2002

Preserving Digital Information. A How-To-Do-It Manual
Gregory S. Hunter, 2000

Preserving Presidential Library Websites
Amarnata Gupta, Jan 2001

Preserving Scientific and Technical Records - Strategies and Solutions
Philip Lord, May 2002

Preserving Scientific Data On Our Physical Universe. A New Strategy for Archiving the Nation’s Scientific Information Resources.
National Research Council, 1995

Reference Model for an Open Archival Information System (OAIS) Blue Book

Risk Management of Digital Information: A File Format Investigation
William R. Kehoe, Anne R. Kenney, Gregory W. Lawrence, Oya Y. Rieger, William H. Walters, June 2000

Survey and Assessment of Sources of Information on File Formats and Software Documentation
Derek Sergeant, Paul Wheatley, 2003

The ARK Persistent Identifier Scheme
John Kunze, July 2003

The digital culture: maximising the nation's investment. A synthesis of JISC/NPO studies on the preservation of electronic material
Mary Feeney, 1999

The Incentives to Preserve Digital Materials: Roles, Scenarios, and Economic Decision-Making
Brian F. Lavoie, April 2003

The UVC: a Method for Preserving Digital Documents. Proof of concept. IBM/KB Long-Term Preservation Study Report Series Number 4
Raymond A. Lorie, December 2002

The Variable Media Approach - permanence through change
Alain Depocas, Jon Ippolito, Caitlin Jones, 2003

Towards a global digital format registry
Stephen L. Abrams, David Seaman, August 2003

Trusted Digital Repositories: Attributes and Responsibilities
on Digital Archive Attributes RLG/OCLC Working Group, May 2002

Victorian Electronic Records Strategy Final Report
Public Record Office Victoria, 1998

Web-based government information: evaluating solutions for capture, curation and preservation
California Digital Library Working Group, November 2003

YEA: The Yale Electronic Archive – One Year of Progress
Yale University Library Working Group, Elsevier Science Working Group, February 2002

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