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Academic Research in the Netherlands Online (ARNO)
The ARNO project (Academic Research in the Netherlands Online) aims to develop and implement university document servers to make available the scientific output of participating institutions. The ARNO... [More]

Activate aimed to develop a template to create thematic networks. A user friendly template and instruction set is being made freely available to download from the web. This package can be used by a... [More]

AMeGA - Metadata Generation Research Project
The goal of the AMeGA project is to identify and recommend functionalities for applications supporting automatic metadata generation in the library / bibliographic control community. The project is be... [More]

ARCHISIG - Conclusive and Secure Long-Term Archiving of Digitally Signed Documents
In the 'ArchiSig' project, archiving concepts and technologies are taken up and extended in a way that will allow secure and conclusive long-term archiving of digitally generated and signed data for 3... [More]

Archives Hub (Gateway to Archives at Universities and Colleges in UK)
The Archives Hub provides a single point of access to descriptions of archives held in UK universities and colleges. At present these are primarily at collection-level, although where possible they ar... [More]

ARELDA Project of the Swiss Federal Archives
The Swiss Federal Archives is responsible for the safe-keeping of their records. Concepts and techniques are developed and realized to preserve the documents which are a part of Switzerland's cultural... [More]

Ariadne is a (quarterly) magazine targeted principally at information science professionals in academia, and also to interested lay people both in and beyond the Higher Education community. Its main g... [More]

ARTISTE ( is a European Commission supported project that has developed integrated content and metadata-based image retrieval across several major art galleries in Europe. C... [More]

Audata (Consultancy in Information Management)
Audata Ltd. is a unique consultancy working at strategic and practical levels to provide Information Management solutions, ranging from professional records management through the development of polic... [More]

Australian Partnership for Sustainable Resources
The APSR project will establish a centre of excellence for the management of digital collections. It has an overall focus on the critical issues of the access continuity and the sustainability of digi... [More]