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Academic Research in the Netherlands Online (ARNO)
The ARNO project (Academic Research in the Netherlands Online) aims to develop and implement university document servers to make available the scientific output of participating institutions. The ARNO... [More]

Activate aimed to develop a template to create thematic networks. A user friendly template and instruction set is being made freely available to download from the web. This package can be used by a... [More]

AMeGA - Metadata Generation Research Project
The goal of the AMeGA project is to identify and recommend functionalities for applications supporting automatic metadata generation in the library / bibliographic control community. The project is be... [More]

ARCHISIG - Conclusive and Secure Long-Term Archiving of Digitally Signed Documents
In the 'ArchiSig' project, archiving concepts and technologies are taken up and extended in a way that will allow secure and conclusive long-term archiving of digitally generated and signed data for 3... [More]

Archives Hub (Gateway to Archives at Universities and Colleges in UK)
The Archives Hub provides a single point of access to descriptions of archives held in UK universities and colleges. At present these are primarily at collection-level, although where possible they ar... [More]

ARELDA Project of the Swiss Federal Archives
The Swiss Federal Archives is responsible for the safe-keeping of their records. Concepts and techniques are developed and realized to preserve the documents which are a part of Switzerland's cultural... [More]

Ariadne is a (quarterly) magazine targeted principally at information science professionals in academia, and also to interested lay people both in and beyond the Higher Education community. Its main g... [More]

ARTISTE ( is a European Commission supported project that has developed integrated content and metadata-based image retrieval across several major art galleries in Europe. C... [More]

Audata (Consultancy in Information Management)
Audata Ltd. is a unique consultancy working at strategic and practical levels to provide Information Management solutions, ranging from professional records management through the development of polic... [More]

Australian Partnership for Sustainable Resources
The APSR project will establish a centre of excellence for the management of digital collections. It has an overall focus on the critical issues of the access continuity and the sustainability of digi... [More]

Bibliotheque Nationale de France (BnF)
The Bibliothèque Nationale de France (BnF) is funded through the French Ministry of Culture and has a staff of 2,800. The first version of the Bibliothèque nationale de France Web site was launched ... [More]

Budapest Open Access Initiative
The Budapest Open Access Initiative arises from a small but lively meeting convened in Budapest by the Open Society Institute (OSI) on December 1-2, 2001. The purpose of the meeting was to accelerate ... [More]

CAMiLEON (Creative Archiving at Michigan and Leeds: Emulating the Old on the New)
The CAMiLEON Project is developing and evaluating a range of technical strategies for the long term preservation of digital materials. User evaluation studies and a preservation cost analysis are prov... [More]

Cedars (CURL Exemplars in Digital Archives )
The Cedars project began in April 1998 and was initially funded for three years. It began as a collaboration between three CURL institutions: the universities of Leeds, Cambridge and Oxford. The incre... [More]

CILIP (Chartered Institute of Libraries and Information Professionals)
CILIP is the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals, a new professional body formed following the unification of the Institute of Information Scientists (IIS) and The Library Ass... [More]

CORDIS - The European Commission's Research and Development Information Service
CORDIS, the European Commission's Research and Development Information Service, is providing a new Guidance interface to help explain the wide range of information available on its key services. One o... [More]

CULTIVATE is a pan European network for the Digital Cultural Heritage community including IT staff, information professionals, researchers, managers, policy makers, libraries, museums, archives, galle... [More]

CURL (Consortium of University Research Libraries)
By the beginning of 2000 there were twenty-one university libraries in full membership of the Consortium of University Research Libraries. It's mission is to promote, maintain and improve library reso... [More]

CYCLADES is developing an open collaborative virtual archive service environment supporting both single scholars as well as scholarly communities in carrying out their work. In particular, it will pro... [More]

DAVID - Digitale Archivering in Vlaamse Instellingen en Diensten
The processing of information is more and more a matter of computers and electronic files. The question how these electronic files can be archived in a secure and lasting way, is keeping the world of ... [More]

DELOS - Network of Excellence for Digital Libraries
Digital Libraries represent a new infrastructure and environment that has been created by the integration and use of computing, communications, and digital content on a global scale destined to become... [More]

DIAMM (Digital Image Archive of Medieval Music)
The purpose of the Digital Image Archive of Medieval Music (DIAMM) is to obtain, archive and, where necessary, enhance digital images of European sources of medieval polyphonic music. These include ... [More]

DigiCULT draws on the results of the strategic study "Technological Landscapes for Tomorrows Cultural Economy - DigiCULT", that was initiated by the European Commission, DG Information Society (Unit D... [More]

Digital Archive
The Digital Preservation Department at the National Archives was set up in July 2001 and charged with developing a method of storing, preserving and providing access to electronic Government records ?... [More]

Digital Curation Centre
Scientists and researchers across the UK generate increasingly vast amounts of digital data, with further investment in digitisation and purchase of digital content and information. The scientific rec... [More]

Digital Information Office
The Strathclyde University Digital Information Office provides advice and guidelines for the management of electronic teaching, learning and research resources within the University, and services for ... [More]

Digital Preservation Coalition
The Digital Preservation Coalition was established in 2001 to foster joint action to address the urgent challenges of securing the preservation of digital resources in the UK and to work with others i... [More]

Digital Preservation Project
The Special Collections Department in the University Library recently initiated a Digital Preservation project to provide advice and act as a focus to raise awareness, university-wide, of Digital Pres... [More]

Digitale Duurzaamheid (Testbed Digitale Bewaring - Digital Preservation Testbed)
Commissioned by the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations and the States Archives' Service, the Digital Preservation Testbed was established in 2001. The goal of the Testbed is to ensure the ... [More]

DIOC Building blocks for Effective Telematics Application Development and Evaluation (BETADE)
BETADE is dealing with the modelling, analysis, design, implementation, and operation of different aspects of distributed processes that can be done using the same set of components or building blocks... [More]

The aim of DISA is to make Southern African material of high socio – political interest, which would otherwise be difficult to locate and use, accessible to scholars and researchers worldwide. DISA... [More]

Dissertation Online - Co-ordination Agency for Online Dissertations and Post-doctoral Theses
During the project "Dissertation Online", the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft supported the development of solutions and assistances for the production, retrieval and long-term availability of digital... [More]

DLM Forum
This DLM Forum covers several areas of interest, (national policies & initiatives, organisational change, exploitation, and ICT) and formulates a series of recommendations. In particular, it provides ... [More]

DNER (Distributed National Electronic Resource)
A vision of online provision for the educational community in which high-quality resources would be accessible from any location, easily navigated and cross-searchable by subject or data type, inspire... [More]

DOMEA: Dokumentenmanagement und Elektronische Archivierung
In consequence of a government decision aimed at the rationalisation of public authorities, the German Government’s IT Coordination Office (KBSt) conducted the pilot project DOMEA (Document Manageme... [More]

Domesday for Windows
The National Archives has recently unveiled a new version of the 1986 BBC Domesday Project in the archives library at Kew. Together with LongLife Data Ltd, ATSF and the BBC, the National Archives have... [More]

Cambridge University Library, in association with the University Computing Service, has formulated a major project to provide the University with an institutional digital repository, "DSpace@Cambridge... [More]

In its capacity as National Library of the Netherlands the KB is responsible for the Dutch deposit library. The aim of the deposit library is to collect, catalogue and preserve all publications appear... [More]

E-Science Programme
e-Science is a Cross Research Council, RCUK initiative. The programme has quickly demonstrated the utility of e-Science across disciplines in areas ranging from chemistry and biology to astronomy, atm... [More]

The EAST language was designed to meet three objectives in order to enable : * a complete description of any given data format, without any 'ephemeral' references to any short-life file managem... [More]

ECPA: European Commission on Preservation and Access
The European Commission on Preservation and Access (ECPA) was established in 1994 to promote activities aimed at keeping collections in European archives and libraries accessible over time. Books, doc... [More]

Edina Digital Conservatory
EDINA is a JISC funded national Data Centre. It offers the UK education and research community networked access to a library of data, information and research resources. EDINA is also undertaking a nu... [More]

Electronic Records, Public Records Office
Electronic records management is a key underpinning element in the government modernisation programme. The government has set a target for all central government organisations to be able to store and ... [More]

ELEKTRA - Finnish Scientific Publications in Electronic Form
Elektra collects, publishes and archives the articles of the leading Finnish scientific journals in electronic form. It is a joint project between Helsinki University Library, The Federation of Finnis... [More]

English Heritage
English Heritage aims to help people understand and appreciate why the historic buildings and landscapes around them matter. From the first traces of civilisation, to the most significant buildings of... [More]

EPICUR - Enhancement of Persistent Identifier Services: Comprehensive Method for Unequivocal Resource Identification
Persistent Identifiers are essential conditions for an effective management of digital resources and reliable access to electronic documents. Currently several persistent identifiers services have bee... [More]

By far one of the largest repositories of information on Digital Preservation. The various erpaProducts range from Guidance documents on the costing of digital preservation and implementing policies (... [More]

eSPIDA is developing a sustainable business-focused model for digital preservation at an FE/HE Institution. It will bring digital preservation to the core of strategic thinking, planning and culture a... [More]

EVA - The Acquisition and Archiving of Electronic Network Publications
EVA is a joint project by libraries, publishers and expert organizations, being part of the strategy program Education, Training and Research in the Information Society by the Finnish Ministry of Educ... [More]

GovTalk (UK)
The purpose of this site is to enable the Public Sector, Industry and other interested participants to work together to develop and agree policies and standards for e-government. This is achieved thro... [More]

Grainger Engineering Library Information Center - Digital Library Research Projects
A collection of digital library projects under existence at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. These include search tools and resources for digital library development. [More]

HDC - Hellenic Digitisation Committee
Hellenic Digitisation Committee (HDC) is aiming at the creation of the priceless, in terms of cultural value, Hellenic digital repository. At the same time, the project aims to be a tool of coordinati... [More]

ICA: International Council on Archives
The International Council on Archives (ICA) is dedicated to the advancement of archives worldwide. Archives, by providing evidence of human activities and transactions, underlie the rights of individu... [More]

ICOM - The International Council of Museums
The International Council of Museums (ICOM) is an international organisation of museums and museum professionals which is committed to the conservation, continuation and communication to society of th... [More]

Since its establishment in 1983, the Institute of Computer Science of the Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas (ICS-FORTH) has a relatively long history and an established tradition of inte... [More]

ICSTI - International Council for Scientific and Technical Information
ICSTI, The International Council for Scientific and Technical Information, offers a unique forum for interaction between organizations that create, disseminate and use scientific and technical informa... [More]

Independent Media Arts Preservation, Inc. (IMAP) is a nonprofit service, education, and advocacy organization committed to the preservation of non-commercial electronic media. IMAP has grown from a Ne... [More]

INA - Institut National de l'Audiovisuel
The INA is responsible for France's cultural audiovisual heritage. Under legal deposit legislation, INA is responsible for deposits from the country's six national television channels (public and comm... [More]

INFER - Italian National Forum on Electronic Resources
INFER is a co-ordinating group set up to co-operate in promoting access to electronic information resources in Italian libraries. INFER seeks to further the efficient use of electronic information in ... [More]

International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA)
IFLA (The International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions) is the leading international body representing the interests of library and information services and their users. It is the... [More]

Japan Digital Archives Association - Digital Archives Project
The recording of tangible and intangible cultural assets in the form of digital data, and storing this information in databases so that it can be perused at any time and transmitted via information ne... [More]

(JSTOR/Harvard Object Validation Environment): USA. Every object that is ingested into a digital archive needs to be identified and its file format needs to be verified. A data curator needs to be sur... [More]

JISC (Joint Information Systems Committee of the Higher and Further Education Funding Councils)
The Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) works with further and higher education by providing strategic guidance, advice and opportunities to use ICT to support teaching, learning, research and ... [More]

kulturarw3 heritage
For six years the Royal Library (KB) has collected Swedish web åages. Visitors at KB may now look at the collection at terminals in the library. The archive is not indexed, hence one must now the exa... [More]

Lund University Library - Preservation and Access
The project Medieval Manuscripts at Lund University Library - Preservation and Access intends to digitize, to catalogue and to make the integrated database (pictures and catalogue entries) accessible ... [More]

Maastricht McLuhan Institute
The Maastricht McLuhan Institute (MMI), European Centre for Digital Culture, Knowledge Organisation and Learning Technology, was officially opened by Dr Eric McLuhan in November, 1998 and began its fo... [More]

METAe (The Metadata Engine Project)
METAe will develop application software focusing on: the automatic recognition and extraction of metadata from printed material, especially books and journals, an omnifont OCR-engine for the recogniti... [More]

MetaNet is a network of excellence for harmonising and synthesising the development of statistical metadata, part of the European Union Fifth framework Research and Development program. Specifically i... [More]

MIMAS (Manchester InforMation and Associated Services)
MIMAS (Manchester InforMation and Associated Services) is a JISC-supported national data centre run by Manchester Computing at the University of Manchester. MIMAS, formerly known as MIDAS, was designa... [More]

MINERVA - Ministerial Network for Valorising Activities in Digitisation
MINERVA is a network of Member States' Ministries to discuss, correlate and harmonise activities carried out in digitisation of cultural and scientific content for creating an agreed European common p... [More]

NDAD (UK National Digital Archive of Datasets )
NDAD is the UK National Digital Archive of Datasets, operated by the University of London Computer Centre (ULCC) on behalf of National Archives (Public Record Office and Historic Manuscripts Commissio... [More]

nestor - Kompetenznetzwerk Langzeitarchivierung
The 'Kompetenznetzwerk Langzeitarchivierung' NESTOR (Network of Expertise in long-term STOrage of digital Resources) aims to pool the knowledge of all German stakeholders in the area of digital preser... [More]

Netherlands Institute for Scientific Information Services
NIWI aims at providing scientific information on the influence of digital networks and on the practice of science in multiple fields. In the domain of research on the Dutch language and culture, the i... [More]

Networked European Deposit Library (NEDLIB)
NEDLIB is a collaborative project of European national libraries. It aimed to construct the basic infrastructure upon which a networked European deposit library can be built. The objectives of Nedlib ... [More]

Nordic Web Archive
The Nordic Web Archive (NWA) is the Nordic National Libraries forum for co-ordination and exchange of experience in the fields of harvesting and archiving web documents. Since November 2000 until July... [More]

NPO (National Preservation Office)
The British Library houses the National Preservation Office, which is jointly funded by the Library and other major national institutions. The aim of the National Preservation Office is to provide a... [More]

OeGIG (Oesterreichische Gesellschaft fuer Informatikgeschichte - Austrian Society for History of Computer Science)
The Austrian Society for History of Computer Science (OeGIG) is documenting the development of informatics in Austria and trying to make the results available to the general public and especially to s... [More]

A joint project of the Universites of Oxford and Manchester to explore the issues involved in preserving digital private papers through gaining practical experience in accessioning and ingesting digit... [More]

PHOTographic HERitage ELearning
PHOTHEREL was a Socrates (Minerva) project (financed by the European Commission) through which four partners combined their experience: The Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium), the FotoMuseum Pro... [More]

PRESTO - Preservation Technologies for European Archives
PRESTO aims to develop state of the art technology in the preservation of film, video and audio media. The principle partners reflect the largest archives in Europe: BBC (UK), INA (FRANCE) and RAI (I... [More]

PRO (Public Record Office)
The records of government are increasingly created in electronic form and the National Archives are playing an active role in storing and preserving digital material. The diversity of electronic recor... [More]

The first version of PRONOM was developed by the National Archives Digital Preservation Department in March 2002. Its genesis lies in the need to have ready access to reliable technical information ab... [More]

ROMEO - Rights Metadata for Open Archiving
The RoMEO Project (Rights MEtadata for Open archiving) was funded by the Joint Information Systems Committee for one year (1 August 2002 - 31 July 2003) to investigate the rights issues surrounding th... [More]

Roquade - Electronic Publishing Services for Scientists
In Dutch, Roquade means 'castling'. In a chess match, a player has a single opportunity to move his king and one of his rooks at the same time in order to obtain a strategic advantage. This was the un... [More]

Safeguarding European Photographic Images for Access (SEPIA)
In 1999 the European Commission on Preservation and Access (ECPA) initiated a project aimed at the long-term preservation of all kind of photographic materials and defining the role of new technology ... [More]

SHERPA project
SHERPA aims to investigate issues to do with the future of scholarly communication and publishing. In particular, it is initiating the development of openly accessible institutional digital repositori... [More]

TASI - Technical Advisory Services for Images
The Technical Advisory Service for Images is a JISC funded service. It provides advice and guidance to the Further and Higher Education community on the issues of: Creating digital images (including ... [More]

This system set out to provide a data model for a wide variety of digital formats. This means that it can describe what the data is and can interpret the format to extract information from the data. T... [More]

UK Govt Web Site Archive
50 selected UK government websites captured by the Internet Archive and made available on the Wayback machine [More]

UKOLN Interoperability Focus
Interoperability Focus is a national activity, jointly funded by the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) of the Further and Higher Education Funding Councils and Resource: the Council for Museu... [More]

VIRLIB - Electronic Document Store (Universities of Antwerp)
The VIRLIB project's focus is on the development of a real delivery service of electronic documents added to Impala, i.e. the Belgian system of managing and transmitting interlibrary requests for loan... [More]