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Aiming to bring together the knowledge and expertise ERPANET has accumulated to date in the field of digital preservation.
Provides the community with access to digital preservation professionals, makes available a resource of authoritative answers to digital preservation questions, and makes accessible examples of best practice.
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Authoritative online information services on digital preservation, including review-based gateway to activities, analytic reviews of pivotal published and online literature, and assessment of relevant technical guidelines and standards.
An aggregation of information sources on relevant topics.
An Open Archive set-up for the Electronic Resource Preservation and Access Network (ERPANET) in conjunction with DAEDALUS to provide an ePrints preservation and access facility for the cultural and scientific heritage community.
ERPANET have hosted a number of workshops and seminars since 2002. Our seminars provide accessible and transferable knowledge for digital preservation, our workshops promote and develop new approaches to preservation challenges.




A suite of tools enabling institutions to approach their digital preservation challenges proactively.
Case studies analysing digital preservation experiences and approaches in a variety of institutions and sectors.


Discover more about ERPANET. This page details our mission, objectives, associates and staff.
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Additional navigation and information regarding the ERPANET website.
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Provides a variety of methods to get in touch with ERPANET.
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Allows registration for some of our services. Existing members can view and update their details.
Download Charter (v4.1)
The Charter provides a suite of principles enabling, among others: better risk management; A framework for benchmarking digital access and preservation practice; and a platform for sharing knowledge.